how to connect ender 3 v2 to PC?

  • im trying to connect my PC to my ender 3 v2 printer.
    i cant seem to find the driver to the usb. is there a download for this driver? ive searched the micro sd card and there seems to be something on there but it wont update.

    from doing a search im not the only one with this issue, ive followed the guides supplied but its not working. please can someone tell me where i need to download the usb driver to connect it to my pc please?

  • I'm having the same issue with my 3D pro. Not getting much help anywhere either. I honestly think at this point its the motherboard. I've tried SEVERAL different USB cables with no luck. Response here is way to slow, if any, as well. For me it would speed things up to have the ability to go over USB vs Slicing, saving, ejecting, plugging card in, when I could just slice and then print. Still waiting to hear from Creality on possible board replacement. The board obviously wasn't tested before installing and shipping. Good luck!

  • As far as I've used my E3V2 and have searched, USB connection to Windows does not require additional drivers. Software like Cura and Simplify3D should detect your printer out of the box as long as your printer profile is set up correctly. Have you already tried using a different USB cable or port? What changes appear in Device Manager when connecting the USB?

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