Z axis inconsistent levelling

  • Had the Ender 6 a while but only recently started using it a lot.
    I have an issue with the consistency of the bed levelling, it seems to change from print to print. In fact, I can level the bed, then go back in to the menu and level again and the level has changed.

    This makes getting 2 consecutive prints almost impossible and even 1 print with a decent first layer hit and miss at best.

    I have checked all the z-axis stepper connection bolts are tight, the z-axis limit switch is not moving and secured properly, the screw adjuster for the z-axis is also tight and not moving.

    I have ordered a BLtouch but having read around the threads and comments of how successful that install is likely to be I'm looking for plan B.

    Any help would be very much appreciated as at the moment, I'm very much regretting my purchase.


  • I've had mine for only a couple months and have seen plenty of irritating deficiencies (as well as enjoying stunning performance), but curiously the one problem I'd been most afraid of, Z cal inconsistency, has been a non-issue from the very start. I won't doubt that you've had trouble, I'll only note that, as for me, the Z cals are dead-on accurate every single time. Just don't ask me about the trashy mainboard connector contamination.

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