Ender 3 V2 4.2.2 stopped mid-print and froze, 4.2.7 board died too.

  • So I have been running Ender 3 V2 for quite some time, first on stock FW, then on Jyers UI, and finally with a BLTouch installed.

    I just recently noticed that sliding the build plate causes the steppers to generate power and light up the BLTouch and cooling fan.

    Anyhow, I was printing mid-print, the printer was no longer moving, it had frozen in place and cooled off, as if the printer spontaneously ceased, and the plastic which leaked from the nozzle froze the nozzle tip with plastic to the print I was working on.

    The menu showed it was still printing, but when I tried to interact with the menu, nothing happened. When I pressed the encoder wheel's button, I saw a progress bar load across the screen, then return to the frozen menu.

    After turning the unit off and on again, it wouldn't load, and I just had a blank screen.

    I took the MicroSD card and put it in the computer, but most of the files seemed to be missing, and it hung the file manager to read from it.

    So I took the spare board I had - this one being a 4.2.7 board, not the 4.2.2 I had, and swapped it out.
    Well it booted to a blank screen too, and then subsequently began beeping non-stop on startup with nothing showing on the display.

    I pulled all the cables from the board except power and screen, and it beeps like a madman.

    I used an ohmmeter and tested the bed heater at 3 ohms, the hot-end heater at 12 ohms, and all stepper motors at ~6.2 ohms on each motor pair.

    I really have no idea what's broken.

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