Local access

  • If the could could send and execute a .gcode it should be possible to do that locally with Cura or an PC software.

    Without knowing in detail how the transmission between cloud and box works i could only assume.

    Connecting to the box IP I get into the switch web interface. I can se the local storage configured as a NAS.

    Only guessing wild here but i think it should be possible to locally save a file on the NAS from Cura without the hassle with SD card.

    That would be an true upgrade to the box and resume the original expectation we had for it.

  • I‘m also looking for a method to transfer gcode over wifi without cloud.
    Upload over creality cloud doesn‘t work when my pc is not in the same wifi as the printer.
    When i use creality clound on phone, there will be no job processing showing up on display. so i can‘t cancel this print on printer directly.

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