CR-6 Power switch and SD card reader issue!

  • Have emailed to the and no response since last week (FAILED the 24 hr. response promise)!!!

    Here is the email I sent.

    Dear Sir / Support,

    I received the new CR6 SE almost a week ago and it was working on the first day or two when I turn the power on.
    In between now and then, the printer is having some power issue which is one of sudden the printer will shut down itself.

    I kind of hear a clicking noise from the power cord connector and the switch area when the printer lost power.

    Today I try to turn on the printer to pre heat the bed and nozzle, as soon as I key in the temperature setting and hit OK the printer lost power.

    I check the power cord and the reseat the fuse and it doesn't fix anything. I push the power switch a few times and the printer gets power and lost power again.

    Also, I believe when I turn on the printer the first time, the power switch was lite up once and now is all dark.

    I follow the instruction from Creality's website and found out one of the connector's boot color in the power switch has changed from clear to dark brown (overheated or going to burn?) Picture is available upon request.

    I reseat the plug yet the power is still doesn't work most of the time.

    Could you help with the power issue with my new CR6 SE printer?


    Moreover, the SD card reader is failing to reading SD card as well. I tried a few different card that used to work in this CR-6 printer and now none of them will display the *.gcode files in the Print menu. It seems either the SD card reader is defected or the mother board is having issues.

    Would you please take care these issues? This is a less than 1 month old product.

  • Dear @wilsonrighetti

    Please check as follow:
    The printer only recognizes SD cards with less than 16g internal memory, and only recognizes gcode files. The file name is within 16 characters. The file name consists of letters or numbers. It is recommended that the SD card only stores the models that need to be printed.
    And this post would help:

  • Dear @MrFriendly

    Have you received our email feedback? As we have answered more than 50mails every day. Please let me know if you are on the list. Thank you.

  • Dear @tedwang

    I have sent your information to our CR-6 SE team colleague, they will feedback your email and give you the solutions. Thanks for your support.Please check the email in time.

  • I also have SD Card Reader issue. Nothing appears in the screen of the printer when I add the SD Card but the SD Card is properly reading in the computer. My backer number is #4352

  • @admin Hello,

    I'm experiencing a very similar power issue and have gone through the troubleshooting steps described. I checked the connections on the switch. I do not see the burnt material like the other use but am unable to power on my machine after it shut off suddenly during a print.

    I just sent an email to with my serial number and receipt. Will these faulty switches or machines be replaced for us?

  • @admin Please see below:

    Thank you for your help.

    CR6-SE SN.jpg

  • @lamkequoc
    Dear, we need a picture to provide your problem, and please add your email address, CR-6 SE serial number, and backer. After the check, we will send you a new one.

  • @tedwang
    Please provide your email address, CR-6 SE serial number to send you a new one. Thank you.

  • @admin Isn't it still in warranty? would you send the replacement part to me? I used to use ender-3 before and have a good experience about it but now I kind of disappointing about your CR-6.

  • @admin , as I mentioned before the rocker switch's lead's boot (connector) actually has burn mark. Please see attached picture. I suspect the preheat issue is related to this insufficient current passing the switch connector and shut down the printer. As soon as the preheating mechanism being turned off, the touch panel is resetting and boot up again.

    The SD card reader was woking prior to the power issue and now won't read any known good SD that was able to read before.

    My backer number is 10991

    Power Switch connector boot color.jpg

  • @lamkequoc

    It is the Switch problem, you can change one and see if it helps. Thank you.

  • I have the same issue with the CR-6 power switch as well.
    Used to print in 1 -2 times and then the printer lost power. This happened when I turned on the printer to pre heat the bed and nozzle and now it can't power on anymore.
    I have tried to replace difference power cords, checked the fuse everything is work but the printer can't power on.
    Need help to fix this ASAP because I use the printer in my production.
    My Back end number is: 9843

  • @tedwang

    1. Turn off the power as soon as it is heated. Has the voltage been adjusted to the local voltage of 110V or 230V? Please separately heat the hot bed and separate heating nozzle to see which situation caused the power outage. If it is a hot bed, then please directly connect the power cord to the 24V output to see if there will be a power outage and restart. We will judge whether it is a power supply or motherboard problem based on the test results.
    2. Cannot read the card. The Gcode file is named Arabic numerals and English numerals, and saved in the root directory file, and please try another card, if it still does not work, we can reissue the motherboard.
    3. Provide serial number and backer number

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