CR-10 SMart Printing Issue

  • Curious if anyone else has had this issue. I fired my printer back up after a month or so of non-use. Now when I try to print a file from either Creality Cloud or an SD card, it will just kick off the auto bed level and not print the actual file I am trying to print. Currently running F/W version 1.0.10. The only thing I have changed since the last time of using it was replacing the stock extruder with the all metal one, but wouldn't think that would have any impact on the actual proper printing of a file.

  • Hi All,

    I was able to figure it out, I had updated Creality Slicer and it appears it now has a G29 command in the start G-Code for the CR-10 Smart profile. When I switched over to Cura 4.11 it no longer ran the auto bed level each time I ran a print. Still having issues with over extrusion after installing the all metal extruder. Switched all of the tubing to Capicorn as well. Might be a bent tube that is the short piece near the hotend.

  • @bfilion05
    hi, if possible, return to the original hotend for to see if all return to the normal (before to suspect any other things).. i suspect your firmware but when you have put the all metal hotend, have you changed the firmware?

  • Corrupt SD Card??? You could try formatting it. Don't know anything about Creality Cloud. I would say your best bet would be to reflash the firmware to the screen and printer.

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