CR-10 V2 Print Pausing and Filament sensor ruining prints

  • I have a CR-10 V2 and its a nice looking printer but hasn't lived up to the hype. I have yet to successfully print anything past a cube. All my long prints keep pausing for no reason or the filament sensor tells me that the filament has run out when its fine. What is going on and how do i solve the bends and turns in the filament when the head keeps moving but the filament stays in one place?

  • @WigginsRedux Sounds like a good solution.

    I have disabled my filament sensor (different model, different problem) but I don't miss it. I never print things that are huge or take days to print.

  • I think the issue is the filament sensor. When pressed down the whole time the system doesn't seem to fault but out of the box the sensor is faulty. Either your design is poor or the implementation is. While the idea of a sensor is a good idea I am disappointed how much it failed and the fact that I couldn't turn it off in any way. In the end, I had to take it apart and bend the sensor arm to ensure it closed the circuit if any filament was in the tube. NOT a good look Creality. I wasted over .5kg of filament on this problem

  • There is nothing to see. Nothing is wrong with the filament Its even level with the filament sensor. the system just stops or says err change filament. THis time it wasted another 10 hours and aborted the print. This is not acceptable.

  • @WigginsRedux Can you post a photo to show "...the bends and turns in the filament..." as I'm not sure what you mean.

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