My Ender-3 V2 has NEVER worked - Please help

  • I've tried everything. It has never worked from day one. The print would start and not stick. I've tried tape, glue, everything in the world. I do not have this issue with my Prusa Mini.. I wanted to try something bigger so I got this.

    Someone told me that I should just upgrade to the BL-Touch auto level system... done. Installed everything, did the same thing. In fact, it go to the point where it was starting to scratch the bed so I had to stop the print. So getting to the point will I will dump this thing and go back to Prusa. 😞

    Now I am getting resets when the bed starts to heat up.

    Video below:

    Any help would be great, thank you.

  • @Helium3

    Tente carregar um ficheiro mais pequeno. Os ficheiros muito pesados demoram muito mais tempo a carregar.

  • @jgates19966
    are you using the last firmware update?

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