Ender 3 pro z offset question

  • Team,

    have a 3 pro with a bl touch and when things work they work great.

    however somehow my bed leveling got way out of wack and so impulling very fine hairs tryig to get it back,''Ive read, watched adn looked at almost everything the net has to offer and Im learning a lot.
    BUT I have one item thatjust doesnt seem right.

    I do the auto home fnction and the 3rd column on my dislay (under the temp) shows a Z value of 10

    from what I can tell that seems to suggest that my z-offset should be 10

    that seems rather ENORMOUS to me, not to mention it leaves e prnting in mid air.

    anyone have a better idea of how to fine tune your z-offset?

    also anyone with a REALLY rock solid BL touch video would be greatly appreciated, I followed the guide and the vendors video and it doenst seem to make any difference.
    thanks for any and all suggestios


  • If I've read correctly, you need help accurately adjusting your Z-offset? Glad to hear you're making some progress!
    These are the steps I went through when adjusting mine with a BLTouch installed: Home all axes, then move to Z=0. Increase or decrease the Z-offset as needed, a little at a time to prevent colliding with the print bed. Repeat as needed until the nozzle is about paper-width distance, or using whatever tool you prefer for bed level testing, from the print bed.
    After this is done, you can use this distance to manually level the print bed.


    Well I have been experiementing, and im actually now at -2.06 and almost there.

    but yes i started at 10, thats what the suggestions said!

    any othr words of wisdom woiuld be greatly appreciated.

    Im 90% sure my current issue is bed level but that 10% is just not sure.

    I assembled it leveled it printed for 3 weeks than WHAM everything went sideways and nothing would stick (using the magnetic matt)

    So this weekend i was at the makers faire and had someone suggest a glass bed.
    2 things i notice immediatelly 1) there are very different levels all over the bed 2) it changes a LOT dependent upon the temp (most of you knew that already)

    BUT if youre buying a bLT thinkning it will solve all your issues.....it wont.

    still learning and so anything anyone wants to seriously suggest im all about

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