CR-10 Smart thermistor stoped working. fix under warrenty and / or replacement parts scourcing.

  • 10 hours into a 2 day print i noticed printer was not extruding. after stopping wasted print i heated up the hot end by setting it on the touchscreen, it was saying 200deg but was luke warm, not even enough to melt the pla.
    So i switched off and tried again, same problem, checked the hotend. used a lazer temprature checker and hot end cartdridge was only at 110deg but screen said 200. not enough to melt the pla.

    So i checked and just noticed my thermistor and heater cartdridge stopped working mid print.

    where can i get replacements from its still under warrenty btw.
    and is there a data sheet to see what the specs for those are

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