Ender 6 bowden tube slippage

  • My problem is this, the coupling that’s supposed to hold the bowden tube in place on the cold side over time fails. As the printer deposits and then retracts the filament the friction in the tube causes the coupler to dig into the tube and eventually the coupling can’t hold onto the tube any longer and it slips out. I asked Creality support what to do about this and they said to replace the coupling. I’ve replaced both the coupling and bowden tube, but the same thing continues to happen. At this rate I’ll probably be replacing couplings every 100 print hours and tubes every 300-500 hours. This seems like a waste, are there any better options for securing this connection?

  • @Devin
    that because my filament sensor was a friction problem before i discover an other problem which was my filament tension knob (completely unadjusted).. since, all go well..

  • I've only been printing a couple of years myself. But I'm such a fan of Ender3 that I know there's something crazy going on here. There are no special repairs or aftermarket improvements needed to print just fine with factory-supplied equipment. There's something loose or improperly installed or simply defective. If you take off the entire Bowden tube with both fittings laid out on a table, inspect it all thoroughly and find nothing wrong, there might be a machining issue at the extruder or at the hot end where it all joins up. Since I'm not there, I'm not able to help. But ignore any suggestions that involve repeated replacements of anything other than normal wear. You need a buddy with an Ender3 so you can swap out parts until you find the problem. Or, better yet, buy a second one if you can afford it. That really helps a lot when you have a bug-a-boo issue like this. I don't regret one bit buy two with a third one on the way.

  • @Helium3 Yes the Ender 6 comes with one, it doesn't help with this problem though.

  • @Devin
    hi, have you a filament sensor in the path??

  • @Helium3 good suggestion but I've already done that and replaced the couplings on both ends with better after market versions, it still happens.
    I found a compression fitting on Thingiverse that may help but from what I've seen online the bowden tube system itself is flawed.

  • @Devin
    hi, i suggest you to use/buy the capricorn PTFE XS tube (lubricity additives make XS Series tubing the lowest friction bowden tubing).. that may resolve your friction problem (many use this one even less friction issue because more durable)..

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