CR10 Smart Touchscreen not responding to touch.

  • My touchscreen is not responding to my touch. I tried it after I assembled the machine to do the autolevel. It didn't work. I updated the firmware in the machine and in the screen to the latest firmware It still did not respond to my touch. Any suggestions, I got this as a Christmas gift so I am only two days with it.

    I checked the cables to make sure they were tight both in the screen assembly and on the motherboard. I restarted the machine several times before and after each attempt to make sure it was not a startup glitch.

    Still unresponsive. Any suggestions. I seem to have to wait for Monday to speak with Tech Support unless I want to make an international call.

  • Did you ever get the touchscreen sorted out? If not you might wanna try flashing the screen again. Are you using firmware 1.0.10 from Sept?

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