Ender 3 blue screen

  • Hello all,

    I recently bought the Ender 3 and was chugging along with the set up and started making my first prints. As I was starting on a new print I noticed the bed mat was moving a bit so I stopped the print and put the included clips onto the mat. I didn't think about the placement of one of the clips (back left corner) and upon starting a new print the clip came into contact with something causing a spark. I turned the machine off real quick, checked everything, and upon turning it on again I get a blue screen without any text. I spent about 30 minutes going over everything again, yet I'm still getting the blue screen.

    I checked all the connections and they're good.

    The motherboard seems to be in good order, though I did see a red wire with a some black marking on it near the connection.

    Voltage is good.

    Not sure where to go from here.

    Thank you for any responses.

  • @ADTP30 I've only been using Ender3 a few years myself, though I am on my third one. Love it. I was not aware of any condition in which the extruder nozzle could short against any clips used to hold down your build plate. Nonetheless, you apparently found a way. The power supply itself is fuse protected. I don't know about any kind of protection for the motherboard. For sure you have current going to the motherboard or you wouldn't have a screen of any color. I'm guessing you've thrown your firmare for a loop. So you may have two things to do: 1) look for anything burned and replace or repair them (I know-- that may be asking for more than you know how to do). And 2) Consider reloading your firmware (called 'flashing'). I've never reflashed the Creality firmware. I use an aftermarket firmware from TH3DStudio.com. They're incredibly helpful. You might check with them. Feel free to copy/paste this if you think it will help. Bill Byrd

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