extruder not working

  • My cr10 smart quit extruding, I tried to change filament but it won't go thru the extruder. Help


  • I just had the same issue. I ended up (read it all before you jump) disassembling the extruder and found that the filament was broken right after the extruder gear. It broke because the brand new roll of filament was knotted on the spool without my knowledge. 😞 Thus the extruder 'pulled' the new filament but the filament did not budge and it end up breaking apart and expanding (I think the gear ate into the filament because it wouldn't move) such that the expansion right near the tube hole would not allow it to be 'pushed' by more filament. Once I removed the cover of the extruder I could clearly see the problem. and I was able to then remove the remaining stretch of filament in the printer fairly easily.

    One important note though: If you have never disassembled the extruder know that it is 'spring loaded.' Upon removing the screws and cover the spring (which sits near the far right side just behind the little screw) and triangular tensioner (below the little screw, hidden) will go every which way. You have been warned 🙂

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