Leveling nightmare (Ender 3 V2)

  • Hello all,
    I'm currently trying to level my bed, in one spot (the middle-back) it's too tight and rips the paper and I can't figure out how to lower it. Also, if I try to home the printer, the X axis tries to go back to far and makes a terrible loud noise. Someone please help me :D.

  • @tartpickle I also had an absolute nightmare setting this up. I am a total newbie when it comes to 3d printers. In the end I needed help from one my former work mates who talked me through it. He got me to lower the bed fully and then use a folded a4 (i was using a single sheet)and then set the gap on all 4 corners then back around again. I set it with the head about an inch in from the corner

  • lower the bed by turning the knob under said corner and turn it counter clockwise. the noise you are probly hearing is the belt skipping because the bed is either too high or too low ( i cant remember which one)

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