why isn't creality using the built-in marlin filament change???

  • So instead of simply uncommenting a few lines in marlin, creality has chosen to code their own janky filament change process. why???

    It simply stops as soon as the runout sensor is triggered. No option to feed some extra filament, not even manually. So now it's stuck sitting there still in the sensor body. Leaving you to work manually in the 1 inch space between the sensor and the extruder to get the old filament out.
    That plus the fact that it has a several second pause of the printhead in place as soon the sensor is triggered, leaving a nice sized ooze blob on the print.

    Creality, please consider a new firmware compile that uses the built-in marlin filament runout, so you can take advantage of features like FILAMENT_RUNOUT_DISTANCE_MM.


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