CR-30 Head elevation issue

  • Hello,

    I'm starting to work with the CR-30 modele and my issue is the extruder don't go down near to the bed, the extruder stay at 4/5 mm from the bed.

    I did the setting by following a Canadian tuto. Actually when I power on the printer the screen give the informations :
    X 0 Y 6 Z 0

    When I started the bellow gCode :
    M117 CREALITYBELT calibration...
    M104 S205
    M140 S55
    M109 S205
    M190 S55

    G28 XY
    G92 X0 Y0 Z0 E0
    M83 ; extruder relative
    M117 Level Pattern

    M808 L10 ; répéter 10 fois
    G92 Z0
    G0 X210 E50 F800
    G0 Z5 E2
    G0 X0 E50
    G0 Z10
    M808 ; goto loop start

    The extruder don't go down

    Any help appreciate 🙂
    Thanks in advance

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