Ender 3v2 Fan, always on. Anyway to turn it off when sitting at Idle

  • Anyway to turn it off, besides an entire power off?

    Not sure why the fan is always on and loud. If it does printing, seems like we could turn it off, or after X minutes of no printing, fan goes off. Instead of it just running hours in the early morning when it finishes with a print.

  • @Thomas-ZA same here. As I live in a hot country where room temperature will almost always be beyond 25C, closer to 30C without aircon, I wonder if that triggers the sensors since the nozzle when cooled will anyway remain at 30C

  • I have the same question... and its not "why is the fan running when the printer is printing something"... its "why must the fan be on, if the printer is powered up... BUT, isnt actively printing something?

    Is there no way that it can be set that the fan comes on only when the hot end is above say 60 degrees celsius (or whatever temp which would be safe to power it down below)

  • @bsilverthorn

    The nozzle fan will always rotate when it is turned on, and it cannot be turned off. If the nozzle fan is turned off during printing, the nozzle will be blocked.

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