Ender 3 V2 stopped extruding

  • I was trying to print something after letting it sit for a week or two, but the extruder was putting out barely any filament. At first, I thought the nozzle was clogged, but I cleared it out with the needle thing that the printer came with. I didn't find any obstructions, so I tried printing the same thing again. This time, I realized that the extruder gear was not pushing the filament. If I push it manually, the filament flows fine, but if I let it do its thing by itself, then it won't grab onto the filament. I would believe that the gear had gotten dull, but I can't find any signs of the gear being worn down. I tried adjusting the screw that puts more pressure on the filament with the gear, but now I've tightened it all the way, and didn't make any difference. Help, please?