CR-10 Pro V2 stopped homing and leveling

  • The homing function and auto leveling has stopped working. The print head will home to the x and y and then move up on the Z then move down only a few mm and then stop and sets the Z to 0 way up in the air. The LED on the ABL sensor never lights up during this process because it doesn't come close to the bed. Moving something under the sensor will make the LED light up so the sensor appears to be working. I even replaced the sensor with a new one and that didn't work.

    The same thing happens when I go to leveling in the menu.

    I found a video where someone else had the same issue. The behavior is exactly like this video.

    This was printing fine a few days ago. What could have changed? How can this be fixed?

  • @techWhamBam I suggest you try their tech support channel if you specifically want their help: they don't seem to be monitoring the forum at the moment.

    Does your printer recover if you power off for a few the guy in the video?

    Does your printer have a menu which allows you to manually enter Z values. If so, can you drive the Z down below its current high position, or does it just stay high?

  • Hello is there anyone from Creality on here that can answer this?

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