CR-10 Smart Bed modification

  • Hi everyone. I've got my CR-10 Smart a week ago and i love it. Print quality is very good.

    I wan't to share with you some mods i've done to the bed after a week of intensive use of the printer.

    First of all, excuse my english, i'm from Italy.

    The bed support has 6 wheels, 4 of them on eccentric nuts, 3 on the right side of the bed support and one on the other. I struggled a lot to get all 6 wheel on the rail until i realized that a 6 wheel configuration is not so good cause it's pratically impossible to take all 6 wheels on the rail without tightening it a lot!

    Then i entirely disassembled the bed and removed two wheels, leaving the fixed one on the left side the other two (adjustable) on the right side.

    The bed is now a lot more simple to align without overtightening it on the rail and it slides a lot better from one end to the other of the slide.

    Another thing i noticed is that the bed is secured to his support with 16 screws and spacers. Those spacers haven't the same height and, when bed is heated, it deforms the support altering previous wheels regulation, probably due to metal expansion.

    I then removed all screws but 4 on the corners, measuring four spacers of the same height with a caliper. The bed is now a lot more lightweight and consistent to the auto bed leveling settings, moves a lot better on the rail (wheels are now ALL correctly aligned) and heats up faster due to minor heat transfer to the bed support.

    Can you please explain why Creality complicated things adopting a 6 wheel / 16 screws bed solution on this printer?

    Thank you for your comments.

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