• How do i connect Cura to cr10 smart

  • as far as I am aware there is no way to connect anything to this model printer. Neither the 'wifi' or USB will work. You have to go through the app/cloud thingy or if your lucky you may be able to use the SD-card, but as just about anything you press on the built in display thing instantly nozzle crashes not even sure how you do that. Replaced my printer 3 times before giving up.
    The only sure fire way I know to connect to this printer (or to use it all actually) is to remove the existing electronics and replace with like BTT SKR CR6 board, 12864 CR-10 Stock or BTT display and Raspberry pi to replace the 'wifi'. which is what I did. Excellent printer if you do got this route. The nozzle strain gauge sensor leveling is great, no fiddling about at all and perfect first layer every time. So kinda worth it if you pick one up cheap and willing to do the work involved.

  • @paulstenlund I have been using the CR-10 setting in Cura with no ill effects.

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