What is melting out of my Ender 3 Pro's extruder?

  • I have a nearly new Ender 3 Pro with fewer than 15 hours printing time. Yesterday, dafter a 2-hour print, I discovered several hard shiny black "drops" on the printing pad near the object. I looked closer at the extruder and discovered some orange "stuff" on the bottom and around the nozzle.

    I removed the cover with fans, and it looks like the "stuff" is coming from a cavity in the aluminum block where the power wires enter. I have attached a photo showing this area.

    Both fans in the extruder cover run at normal speed while it is heating and hot.

    Has anyone seen this before? Any solution to get rid of it?

    Today I opened a support case with Creality.

    Thanks for any information and suggestions.

    --- Mike

    Extruder cover removed #1.jpg

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