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  • Re: Ender 3 V2 Glass bowed...?

    Which way is it bowed? Mine is bowed concave (so bed is lower in the middle). I have managed to reduce (but not solve completely) the problem by putting sheets of aluminium foil between the metal base and the glass in the centre of the platform. 5 layers helped. I'm going to increase this it to see if i can solve the problem. Mine is also brand new.

  • @Pontymython
    I have the same issue. Initially, the bed was more planar. Now, like yours, mine is concave with the center lower than the corners. It only took a couple of heated prints to change.

    I've thought about ordering a new bed assembly and measuring all of the parts across several heat/cool cycles to see what's really happening. If I had to guess, I'd say it was extruded/rolled aluminum causing the issue. It would probably be a cost problem to machine it from vertical cast aluminum like ATP-5. Though with the different thermal expansion coefficients of the aluminum and glass, it may not make that big a difference.

    Just thinking in type.

    Went with the BLTouch to compensate.

  • @Pontymython
    Unforntanely, the center of my bed is raised. I could flip it over and print on the glass side instead of the textured side, but I've found that once I leveled it good enough I could find an okay enough surface area. the center is still slightly higher than the rest, but it's doable...

  • @Pontymython

    The hotbed board is a processed part, and there may be a little error. The deviation within 0.3mm of the platform is a reasonable range. It is recommended to pad a few sheets of paper at the four corners between the printing platform and the hotbed to offset the error, and add a raft when slicing;
    If the heating bed is severely bent, please remove the four nuts under the heating bed. Please refer to the video to measure with a ruler. If you can pass through 3 sheets of A4 paper, the error is large. Provide the measurement video and printer manufacturing code to your seller


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