New User: Can't find a way to print anything

  • I just assembled my CR-10 Smart. The printer works. I've run auto leveling with no issues. Firmware was updated.

    I cannot get the Creative Cloud app to work. I've connected my printer with Bluetooth. I've connected to the web with my 2.4gHz wifi. It shows the printer on "My Devices".

    But when I go to "My Slices" and try to print a model sliced for the CR-10 Smart, it asks me to "Choose Device" and my printer isn't there. So I try to add the printer AGAIN, it finds the WiFi, I press "Done" and it says "Printing Failure. The Creality Device (ID:xxxxxxxx) did not connect with the printer. Please check My Devices.

    I have been at this for hours. I cannot find a way to start a print.

    Someone please help me.

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