• I bought this printer and I've been just having issues only, especially with leveling.

    I tried to level with the gantry, I tried checking to see if anything is warped. Nothing.

    The first ABL numbers I got were just, all negative left and as it went across it was all positive, then it was too positive. Then I homed it and it drove itself into the bed and knocked the plate off. Did this cause it to be permanently warped? Like what am I supposed to do if it just fails like that?

    So I tried gantry leveling. It was uneven from the left side being too negative, and the right side being too positive again. I managed to get the numbers closer to 0, but it wasn't enough and it wouldn't print properly still. So today I tried the gantry leveling again, and the numbers all went whack. Like negative both sides, and then negative one side but extremely positive on the other. Then the top left corner was negative and the bottom right corner was positive.

    I don't understand what is going on. I'm extremely upset and unsatisfied with this product. Nothing is working right at all, and honestly I don't know why I purchased it at this point.

    Any advice before I fully believe I wasted my money on this?

  • @Kish Adjust the X-axis and measure whether the hot bed is uneven, link is here.

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