CR-Touch Doesn't Work (Ender-3 MAX)

  • I have an Ender-3 MAX with a CR-Touch Auto Bed Leveler. After installing the CR-Touch (And unplugging the cable from the z endstop/limit switch), manually leveling the bed, adjusting the z-offset value, and adding the G29 line of code to the slicer, this thing does absolutely nothing to level the print.
    It prints my object, and it does its bed leveling before the print starts, but its clear from the beginning that the auto leveler isn't doing anything to level the bed. In printing a medium sized raft for the object, its clear the upper left half of the print is printing properly, while the lower right half of the print is getting squished somewhat.
    Which... is the whole point of installing an auto leveler. The bed's close to level but not quite, resulting in a slightly skewed print.
    Anyone else had any issues like this?!?! I definitely have the right firmware for my board. This auto leveler acts like its working, but it's doing nothing to compensate for the level alignment.

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