Ender-6 + Raspberry Pi + Octoprint?

  • I see conflicting reports on the 'net. Can anybody definitively say whether it is OK to connect the micro-USB port on the mobo, or is there an issue with USB power requiring disconnection (there shouldn't be if thy're USB compliant!)?

    Would be nice to see schematics to make an informed choice.

  • @SteveDee Yeah that's exactly what I did.

    Hint: cut the sheath longitudinally at first to guage the depth of the outer sheath. That way if you cut too deep the blade will probably end up between two conductors rather than cutting across them.

    I know there's no guarantee of wire colours in mass-produced USB cables but I've never seen one with non-standard colours myself (and I've seen a few!). In any case the 5v 0v wires are usually easy to spot as they are thicker, and it's easy to use a meter to check (lack of) continuity to ground with the cable plugged in and the power off.

  • I realise its a bit late for you, but here is my take on the problem...it may help others: http://captainbodgit.blogspot.com/2021/05/3d-printer-isolating-usb-5volt-feed.html

  • Never mind... bad form to reply to my own post but I got fed up in the 3 weeks waiting & nagging to get my post approved. In the end I decided to be on the safe side and hack a USB cable by cutting back a bit of the outer PVC and snipping the red 5v wire. Octoprint works fine now.

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