Creality Cr-2020 Firmware

  • Hello fellow creative people.

    I have Creality CR-2020 and I ran into issue with firmware.

    I started having some issues with extruder (Fillament getting stuck in it) and I've decided to give it a go to upgrade Firmware (I had it for 4 years~) since I didn't update any at all uo to date.

    I've downloaded it from:

    What happened after is when pressing to home it doesn't even go to the right place and goes different direction than usual (and tries to go out of "boundry" even when it's all the way to the side).

    I've bought mine from Gearbest while ago and dont have any original firmware (Which is big mistake for me).

    I've seen there's option to try download more files from chinese website version, but as I'm based in UK, I can't register for Baidu which is required to download files from there. (hopefully there would be something that might help).

    Any chance anyone has firmware for Creality Cr-2020 ? Anyone has access to download from ? and share it here ?

    Anyone had similar issues ? Any help / advice would be greatly appreciated.

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