CR-5 Pro H Nozzle Temperature out of control and NO Support

  • I've recently bought the above Printer. Printer generally seems fine. Problem is, that the nozzle Temp measured by the printer does not at all reflect the actual Temperatur. Real Temp was measured using a calibrated IR-Cam directly at the heater block.

    First I thougth that there was just some kind of offset or factor, like this:

    Real Measured
    300 260
    240 185
    100 80

    So I set a much higher temp and started printing PLA+. The print start fine. After approx 20 Minutes the extruder starts skipping and filament flow stops. Nozzle temp at that point is way too low while printer shows a constant temp like set during slicing.

    I would like to keep the printer and fix the Issue.

    My main problem is, that I get absolutely NO SUPPORT of creality Support-team.

    Anyone any Ideas, also on how to maybe get useful some Response from the Support-team????

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