Creality Sermoon D1 - missing (usefull) features

  • Creality Sermoon D1.
    Are there any changes to the printer software (Sermoon) planned? I bought this printer hoping that it would be better than the competitors, but programmatically you differ from e.g. AnyCubic. Two functions are very useful for printing:
    1.Displaying the position in the Z axis during printing
    2.Programmable pause at a given height in the Z axis (for filament change).
    I have the printer for a short time - but does the pause actually cool the nozzle? This makes it difficult to replace the filament with a different color.
    So, also leveling - my bed plate is not flat, central part of glass is a little higher than all corners. Autoleveling could resolve this problem.
    In the profile for ABS, in Creality Slicer, you have the wrong settings. For ABS, the cooling fan should be turned off by default.

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