CR-10S Heated Bed Troubleshooting

  • The bed on my 2 year old CR-10S stopped working the other day.
    When the bed temp is set, either manually or from gcode, the display shows the selected target temp and the beds current temp, but the bed does not warm up.
    After about 5 minutes something starts to smell hot (electrically).
    Using a multimeter I see that:

    • 12v is running from the board to the Mosfet
    • 12v is running from the Mosfet/PSU to the bed wires
      When disconnected from the control box the leads on the bed register as a short circuit - when beep testing from the pins on the connector and/or the solder points on the heater board. -- i read that the resistance should be low, but is this normal?
      I suspect that the heater may have shorted, but i am not sure how to verify this.

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