Creality CR-10S Pro V2 Z Height Issues

  • HI All. I am new to the forum but I figured something out about my new CR-10S Pro V2 that I couldn't find an answer to online. That is, how do I fix the default Z position of my extruder prior to leveling. I saw a lot of videos and post (such as on Reddit) that skirted around the issue but none of them really nailed it.

    So here is what I learned. I hope it helps someone.

    First, before you attempt anything with the leveling, make sure the BL Touch Probe is lit with a solid red light and the probe extends a retracts successfully at startup. If the probe is blinking red or doesn't come on at all then you have a bad connection or a bad probe.

    Now, assuming everything is fine with your probe, the most important thing to note is that the height of the extruder from the bed when you go Move/Home (little house button in the center of the arrows) is NOT the position where it would be when you are ready to print. The Home position will likely have a Zero (0) X Axis and Y Axis values but your Z value will be high above the bed at about 8-12mm. This is OK. It is supposed to be that way.

    Now, when you first click the Level menu, the extruder should move to the correct Z position for printing. That is, it should be about 2mm above the print bed. If it is far above that or worse if it is trying to go below the bed level (and making awful grinding noises while bending the extruder enclosure/hotend/fan etc...) then the default Z position is WRONG.

    To fix this, you do not need to play with the cylinders that connect the Z Motors to the screws that move your bed up and down. You do not need to "adjust" the screws on your BL Touch auto leveling probe clockwise or counterclockwise (that is a solution for a different issue).

    What you need to do is find the Up and Down arrows (in the leveling menu now) with the House icon between them. If your extruder is too high then press the Z Down arrow. If it is too low then press the Z UP arrow. Because these arrows default to .1mm increments you may have to press them many, many times to get the extruder to the point where it is 2MM above the bed surface. Once you have it there, you should be good to go from now on.

    To test this, go out of the Leveling menu and to the Move menu and go back to the Home position. Again, it should have zero values for X Axis and Y Axis positions and some positive number for the Z position. Now, if you incrementally lower the Z value (10mm then 1mm then .1mm at a time) when you get to Zero for your Z value, your extruder should be exactly where you want it to print.

    Now, your not done yet. Go back to the leveling menu and choose Aux leveling. Here again, when the extruder starts at the center position, it will be HIGHER than the print level. As soon as you press one of the numbers (1-5) the extruder will move to the corresponding position on the bed AND at the (nearly) correct level for printing. Now you can use the spring wheels below the bed to tighten (lower) or loosen (raise) the bed to the correct level. My suggestion on the spring wheels is to have them fully finger tightened to start and then you should only need to loosen them to raise the bed to the point where it is 2mm below the extruder. If raising the bed with the spring wheels brings it too close (touching) to the extruder then you probably need to go back to the main Leveling menu and lower the Z value a bit (make it so the bed is just a smidge further from the extruder). This way you end up with the bed in the correct position from the extruder with the bed as tight as it can reasonably be (so there will be less bed wiggle when printing larger objects).

    Now, let's say that you have the default Z level where it needs to be and you can complete the Aux leveling process with the spring wheels and get everything right where you want it. NOW you should proceed to the Measure phase of the Leveling process and get the calculations. Once that is complete, you should be ready to print.

    It took me a while to figure this out and not the easy way. I couldn't find anything that explained this online (video or blog) so I thought I would share.

    Just remember, the key is the Z Up and Z Down arrows in the Leveling menu. Once you understand what they do, getting your extruder/bed height where you want it should be smooth sailing (as well as all future leveling).

    Happy Printing.

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