Ender 5 Plus ignores gcode settings like speed

  • Hi everyone

    I have an Ender 5 Plus. My problem is, it is ignoring settings I made in the gcode file created with the slicer.

    According to the slicer it should print the first bottom layers with 20mm/s, but the printer ignores this setting. It also ignores settings like Initial Layer Print Speed, Fan On/Off Setting, Display Filename And Layer On LCD and Filament Change on layer xy. The only thing which is applied is Nozzle and Bed temperature.

    Standard Firmware V1.70.2 with Cura 4.12.1, but I tried also with Creality Slicer 1.2.3 and Prusa Slicer.

    What is wrong?

    Thanks to all of you, Tom

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