Safety Concerns

  • Have had my CR3 V2 for 6 days. On day 2 installed CR Touch and everything levels and behaves as it should with an average Z offset of -0.54. I haven't achieved one successful print either before the CR Touch or now with it. I am getting perfect initial layers with good adhesion but the print always fails with or without a raft after approximately 30 to 40 mins into a print. Have tried everything , new nozzle, checked for blockages, reduced print speeds, turned off retraction, in fact I have spent almost a week with no progress. I have noticed that the Y and Z axis stepper motors become dangerously hot. In fact they cannot be touched without burning yourself and this is not an exaggeration. My MB is vers 4.2.2 and my firmware is Vers When the print fails the filament stops adhering to the layers and causes a total mess, large blob of molten filament on the head, birds nest of filament etc. I have a CR5 pro which works so I am quite familiar with the technical side of 3d printing in fact I currently own 5 machines. As a last resort a friend came round who also owns a Creality machine, I asked him to set the printer up and print a very simple print without any involvement from me. The same problems again, I have paused my resin printer order as I am not so confident after the past weeks farce. Any Ideas please I really am stuck 😞 IMG_9193.jpg IMG_9188.jpg IMG_9172.jpg IMG_9191.jpg IMG_9196.jpg

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