Filament feeder not working

  • I've had my cr-10 smart for a few weeks and managed to get a few prints more or less okay but recently I've had an issue where the feeder appears to try to feed filament but then it promptly pushes out the filament soon after. I tried different filament maybe thinking the pla it came with was cheap and maybe not getting enough grip through the feeder however the stock pla it came with does appear to have tread marks pushed into it via the feeder. Here's a video of what mine has been doing. It's totally incapable of printing at this point as it just won't push PLA through anymore. I warmed the nozzle to 200 and manually pushed it through to make sure there were no jams in the tube or somewhere in the nozzle and sure enough it's able to melt and extract the PLA. Anyone experience something like this before?

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