howto stop auto leveling cr10 smart

  • howto stop auto leveling cr10 smart

    with every print auto leveling starts how can I stop this
    in the menu leveling auto leveling is not on

  • depends on firmware version (dunno if it was fixed or not) The auto level does not save it's data so has to auto level every print apparently. You could try removing the G29 from the Gcode startup but unless the firmware has been fixed I can't see it working, so be prepared for hot nozzle ramming into bed action.

    If your using the cloud thingy , dunno if you can remove the G29 ? Never tried the cloud thingy, nothing else worked so why play with something I don't wanna use even it it might be the only bit that do work anyway?

    Never used any of the original electronics as none of it worked except for the single action of ramming the nozzle into the bed till things broke (that worked 100% so if that's what your into ?). Dont even think they ever fixed the home button to actually home? After 3 replacements I gave up and changed all the electronics to usable stuff. Works great now, really like the strain gauge nozzle as sensor leveling. Flawless first layer every time.

  • You have to remove G29 from the g-code

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