Prints stopping at random points

  • Hello,
    In the last month i've been having more and more problems with my cr-6 SE.
    The printer will stop printing at random points, before it was once every 4-5 prints, now it happens multiple times with each print (probably around once every 3-4 hours)
    The touchscreen still responses to touches, i can click to pause or stop, will hear the beep, but nothing will actually change, and i need to power cycle the machine to restart the print from power loss.
    other times i just see a message to restart the print.

    Since it doesn't always restart well i have lost a lot of prints already...

    I've tried multiple SD cards thinking it was that problem but it makes no difference.
    I've updated the firmware but also no difference.

    I'm starting to think that it's a hardware problem... has anyone else had this and found a way to solve it?

    I'm now trying to order a raspberry pi to see if with octoprint the problem goes away but they seem to be out of stock everywhere or super overpriced...

    Thanks for the help!


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