New Customer needs some help

  • I got my CR6 SE and I was very excited. It looked very professional and well built. I followed the very straight forward instructions. I had an STL file ready to test. After I downloaded the Creality Slicer I loaded up my STL and exported it to the provided SD Card. I continued the Steps Auto level. Warm up for PLA. PRINT! The whole family was excited as we watched it go. 30 minutes into the approximately 50 minute print and it made a weird clicking sound. we look everything seems fine so we keep watching and all is well. another click and another. then the printer stops extruding, but it acts like it is still printing. We press top and look at our awesome half a toy. Cool! now what do we do to get the other half? I create a ticket and explain everything and will eventually get a response I hope. To the googles I go. I find several comments that point to "the gear thingy aint workin" So I find a video to open it and sure enough the PLA broke right at the gear. Not cool but OK, I pull the PLA out of the "Throat" a very "DEEP THROAT" BTW. Now I get to the fun part of how the hell do I balance these 2 triangles with a spring floating to another thing and get the cover back over top. 30 minutes later. Got it! Alright now I tighten up the tension screw but how much should I tighten it? no idea. feed the PLA back in down the throat, a little drip comes out the hot tip ok we're cooking again. PRINT! #2 goes about 10 minutes then the base slides and the printer makes some angle hair spaghetti. STOP. Come to the forums and post this message.

    1 is the PLA Provided with my CR6SE crap?
    2 how tight should the tension screw be on the top of the feeder thing?
    3 why did my print slide off the hot plate?
    4 should I send this thing back?

    Seriously Thank you for your Feedback.

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