Ender 5 Plus Not Feeding Filament While Printing

  • Hello,
    I just recently picked up the Ender 5 Plus and it's all in proper order. However, when I go to print, it will push filament through the tube then back it out. While printing, nothing comes out of the nozzle.

    When I abort the print, it pushes out a small amount of filament with no issue whatsoever. The nozzle isn't scraping and seems to be at a proper height. It will push through with absolutely no issues, except when printing. I have the nozzle heating up to 200c which is what is recommended. It clicks like it wants to feed but then it retracts, pushes, retracts, etc. Nozzle is not clogged, even swapped it with the brand new spare to be safe (even though the unit is new).

    Anyone know a solution to this issue? Should I turn up the nozzle temp?

    I would really like to figure it out as I have a second one coming this week and hope I don't run into the same issues.

  • I had to start lowering the bed at each corner to create space as it was printing and mine stopped the clicking/Slipping and the print was solid and not squished anymore.

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