CR-10s Pro V2 faulty

  • Hi,

    i have recently purchased the CR-10s pro v2 printer, got it home and set it up and right from the get go there was a issue with the z axis and bl touch. It would never level properly. I took it back to the supplier here in NZ and they have had it for 9 days now and still haven't fixed anything, after emailing them they said i can have it back still not working and that they think its the main board that's faulty and that i would have to pay for the replacement.
    Firstly, how often is the main board the culprit in these situations, and do they often ship faulty?

    The z axis right from the start would be half way up the gantry but saying the z axis was at 0.00. tried powering down and manually adjusting the axis to no avail. The auto home function would make the head of the printer just keep going lower until it hit the plate and i would need to pull the plug to stop it.

    Since taking the printer back to them i found a video online about this problem and he used pronterface to reset the eeprom and give the correct z axis cooridnates.

    My question is, is it worth me getting it back and trying the pronterface fix (is this the common fix for this issue?) or going for a full refund, which i foresee being a massive ball ache. And take in mind i had the printer for all of 1 hour the day i bought it before taking it back.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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