• Hello all. Hopefully someone can help answer some of my questions-Thanks in advance!

    1. Hot end Temp limit in firmware seems to be 240 even though there are profiles in the Creality belt slicer that specify 250. How can I increase Hot End Temp Limit (I'd like to get 260 if possible).
    2. Can I connect the CR-30 to a network/external device via the Micro USB port on the front of the unit. I've heard that Octoprint can be used with the CR-30 but I cannot find any documentation or instructions on how to do this.
    3. Is there an updated firmware file for this machine yet. I currently have March of 2021. I'm pretty sure that there have been new updates- where can I find them?
    4. How to install firmware updates? Some instructions on this would be very helpful.

    THANKS TO ANYONE who can help!

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