Name of the required ender 5 usbcable?

  • I'm not sure if I'm dumb but I've spent the last 40min trying to find the name of the required cable to plug in your ender 5 or more specifically ender 5 pro. I don't know what it is, and somehow I cannot find info on it at all! ! alt text

  • @amrap said in Name of the required ender 5 usbcable?:

    I bought a power & data cable and I still can't get my computer to recognize the Ender-5. 😠 😠

    Okay dude. I can help. I ordered a cable from Amazon knowing that its claims to do both (charge and data) could be true or not. It was true. It connects my Ender3 V2 to my PC and I'm able to connect with Pronterface. So it definitely works. Here ya go:

  • I bought a power & data cable and I still can't get my computer to recognize the Ender-5. 😠 😠

  • I've been going through the same thing with my Ender3 V2. It uses a USB micro at the printer and a regular USB A at the PC. But as SteveDee said, you can't tell by looking at a cable if it's charge AND data, or just charge. I just ordered one from Amazon. It claims to carry both. If it doesn't, I'll send it back. Many vendors on Amazon don't mind lying about their products. And some of them simply don't know. They just tell us what their vendor told them. There exist a fancy little device for checking all of your cables so that you can throw out all those that only do one thing (charge). I want all my cables to do both. They cost any more. Anyhow, the device will not ship to the US where I live and Amazon doesn't seem to have anything like it. Looks very simple to build. Here's a link to a very short video that describes it:
    PS: The guy in the video says you don't really need the device. Says that any cable capable of data AND charge will show up in your Windows Device Manager. But I'd like to have one anyhow.

  • @Antoni It looks like a micro-B:

    I guess you have probably resolved this problem by now. But if not, don't buy a cable advertised as a charger cable, because these don't usually include the data connections (i.e. they often only have the 5V & 0V wires).

    Connecting a 3D printer to a Linux computer is real easy:

    For Mac or Windows systems, you need to do an internet search.

    I think for Windows you may need to download a special driver. Most 3D printers have a simple serial port, despite using a universal (USB) connector (i.e. its not exactly plug 'n play on Windows).

  • Hi I am a bit of a newby myself but that is a usb mini c cable and to communicate with your printer you will need a program like Octoprint to interface between computer and printer. Hope this helps.

  • It's like the charger cord for older Iphones. Not the mini...the middi. I bought one and the computer knows I've plugged something in, but doesn't recognize exactly what it is. I tried "add a printer" in windows 10 and it finds some HP inkjet printer....have no idea why.

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