CR Touch ignoring Z offset

  • I installed the CR Touch and flashed the appropriate firmware (4.2.2 no attachment) and the leveler appears to work. Auto homes with a Z value of 10. I find I need a Z offset of -.7 to be at the appropriate height. Now here is where the funny part comes in. The Cr touch will not let the nozzle get to the 1 mm height it stays at approx 4 mm. I increase the offset, no change in nozzle height when leveling/printing. I also noticed something funny regarding the auto home. Default is a Z of 10 but when I put in a -.7 Z offset the auto home now has a height of 10.7 which keeps it at the same default height. I am sure I am missing something as I am brand new to this but my bed has a bow and I was praying the auto leveler would solve this for me just to be met with an equally frustrating problem. Thanks for any help that can be offered.

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