CR-10 v2 Z homing stopped working

  • Hi all - hopefully someone on here has some insight that could help me out.

    I have a CR-10 v2 which has been running like a champ for months. But after my last print, the Z doesn't want to home properly. When I start a print, it moves up a few mm (regardless of where it is) and starts printing mid air. It only seems to want to move up and not down when homing, BUT I can manually jog the Z down only after moving it up. M119 command shows all endstops are triggered.

    I've tried reflashing the firmware, double and triple checked connections, and tried running the printer off Cura, Repetier-Host and of course via SD card which is how I usually print.

    I don't have the BL touch autolevel, I'm rockin it old school.

    Any ideas??? Starting to get discouraged. Thanks in advance for your help.

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