3D Model Hotend Fan Air Distributor

  • Hello together,
    because the orginial Hotend Fan Air Distributor of the CR-5 Pro H is ugly printed and also had a one sided air Flow to the Nozzel, i have designed a new one, which had an air distribution around the nozzle from almost all sides. Any distortions caused by the one-sided cooling should thus be improved.

    Download Link STL File:

    Printing parameters:
    -Material: extrudr ABS

    • Skaling: 101% (ABS Shrinking)
    • HotendTemp: 255°C
    • Headbed: 110°C
    • Interior temperature with addional heating system: 60°C
    • main print Speed: 60mm/s
    • Supports up 45° on on headbed
    • Positioning 45° on headbed

    Have fun and give me Feedback if it work well or if you had some ideas for improving the 3D Model.

    Andreas from SmartMultiCoptersea3e26b5-d5b3-4aaf-92e3-e867e5b75ec0-grafik.png
    b3164757-be71-4b8c-8b2c-a74c47e6b70c-grafik.png 7d0a9f6f-651e-4a55-bd80-dd9cc4395c7f-grafik.png 210e2196-6fe3-452a-8fb3-63280b3a9652-grafik.png

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