Creality CP-01 Stops feeding after about 5% of the print.

  • The print head works fine extruding as expected for about 5% of the job and then it fails to extrude, I have opened the spring tension gate and checked and found the stepping motor is not turning. Allowed it to cool and then started again and it failed again almost exactly the same spot. I have sent it off to Creality but I am not holding my breath whilst I wait for a reply.

    I note a previous post suggesting swapping the stepping motors over which I will try.

    Any thoughts or assistance would be appreciated.


  • @Snoopy This is because our beloved, and absolutely not supported by Creality, CP-01 has a firmware bug that stops the extruder from working if the fan speed is not 0% or 100%.

    To fix that, just edit your .gcode file with Notepad and search for all M106 instances (which is the fan speed code).
    It should be either 0 or 255. Nothing else. Fix them all by hand (ie: If you see M106 65, put M106 255 instead, if you see M106 20, put M106 0) and save the file.
    It will then print properly.

  • @Snoopy I love Perth, and Western Australia in general. We visited friends & relatives about 15 years ago and had a great time. Its now winter here in England...what can I say!

    OK, from your tests we know that:-

    • the extruder motor stops running after a period of printing, but everything else continues to run as expected
    • the gcode has not changed in any way and previously worked fine
    • after terminating the print process, you can manually drive the extruder via the interface to advance and retract the filament, above and below the failure height (Z)
    • you have eliminated the Pi stuff by printing direct from the SD card

    It looks like everything is working as expected and sounds, from the above points, that you've covered all the bases...except one. You didn't mention the nozzle temperature.

    The software/firmware in your printer controls the bed & nozzle temperatures by applying power to the heater elements and reading the output from thermal sensors. It also stops the extruder from running based upon a gcode setting called: Cold Extrude (M302).

    So about the only thing left that I can think of, is that maybe the nozzle temperature is dropping below the Cold Extrude setting, and thereby disabling the extruder motor.

    I don't know anything about your CP-01, but on my CR10 the default screen shows the target and actual temperature of both the bed and nozzle. So you need to take a close look at the actual nozzle temperature during the printing process.

    I hope that helps ...'cos I'm running out of ideas!

  • Sorry for the delay in responding I had to go away for a few days up to our Capital City Perth.
    Back now and have started to do some more diagnostics.
    The 5% is from Octopi i.e. 5% of the job completed, it fails in about the same place on the job, a number of layers put down but then the extruder ceases to output any plastic. I have checked and the extruder stepping motor is not turning at all although the rest of the print process continues i.e. the head keeps going through the motions and the X Y and Z actions continue. I have checked the Voltage of the power supply and it is fine, a little low at 23.6 volts but otherwise fine.
    If I stop the job once it has failed and then go to the change function the head will extrude and the motor will feed back and forwards as per normal, so it would appear that it is not the stepping motor or extruder head.
    I have tried to print from a SD card as well with exactly the same results.
    The code is a previously working Gcode model and have also tried it with the standard 20mm cube which also failed at about the same height from the bed, i.e. layed down the base and started to do the sides then failed to eject any plastic yet continued to go through the steps as though it was working.

  • I wouldn't bother to swap motors just yet.

    Are you testing this with a previously known working .gcode file?

    What do you mean by "5%" ? Does the printer stop printing at the same layer or height every time?

    Have you checked for an intermittent cable connection?

    Here is a test you can do with or without filament from your controller interface;

    • Heat the nozzle to 200'C (if its not hot enough, the following wont work).
    • Go to Move Axis, Z and raise to (say) 10mm above the bed. (I'm assuming your printer normally prints up to this height)
    • Go to Move Axis, Extruder and set to (say) 50mm. Check that extruder motor is operating
    • Go to Move Axis, Z and raise by an amount greater than the usual failure height.
    • Go to Move Axis, Extruder and set to (say) 100mm. Does extruder motor still operate?

    If it doesn't, has the nozzle temperature dropped below 200'C?

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