Creality Slicer Featrues

  • I have no idea where I could post this after reviewing forums so I am taking this as Creality Slicer as a Accessory of all Creality 3D printers.

    I have been going over what the slicer can do. It is made for slicing for print of course . I honestly think it would make the software even more hardened if you had an "edit model" mode, to which the main focus is you can "Split" the model once imported into pieces. This would help with being able to print max size for the model that is being printed without the need of creating the model into pieces from the get go. Also some purchase models and not all models can be purchased already split. If a simple addition even if as similar to the split function in the basic 3D Builder from Microsoft was implemented this would give any even greater aptitude of the software besides just slicing. I myself have created 3D models but usually make them one piece. After the completion, I would like to make the print bigger but then I need to split the model in my 3D software which then I have to go back to the model and do what needs to be done so I can get the max size.

    If the Creality slicer had a "EDIT" Mode and you could "Split" the file once imported I believe that would be a quite relevant feature to help with printing and the ability to take any file and optimize its size for print. I am just curious as to what anyone else or even Creality thinks of this type of feature?

    Thank you for your time reading this.

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