Ender 6 z axis inverted?

  • Hello all,
    I just assembled my new ender 6, but when I home the printer, the bed moves down a little then doesn't move. The hotend homes fine. Also, I think the z motor may be inverted because when I move the bed up in the firmware, the bed moves down. I checked all the wires and they're all fine (I did connect the z motor at the bottom). Any ideas?

  • Sounds like something borked. I have an E6 and can confirm the down arrow on the LCD moves the bed down.

    IIRC there isn't much to mix up from a user perspective... bolt on the Z axis and plug it in. So unless it has wrong firmware loaded I'd guess it's the motor cable wired backwards?

  • I've never even been up close to a 6, but I've played around with stepper motors for some years now. Did you actually install the motor? I can't imagine that it would be possible to install it wrong. Assuming that it's impossible to do that, there are only two other things I can think of that would affect the direction of the Z travel: 1) The factory put the wires into the couplers backward, not at all likely. 2) Your settings are backward so that you're traveling Z+ when you need to be traveling Z-, or vice versa. That choice would have been made when configuring the firmware. If that's the case, you'd need to find out how to access it so that you can change the setting.

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