Ender 6 extrusion dimensions

  • I've kinda hit the point that I need to upgrade the whole printer. I do like it, but I really need an IDEX. I haven't found anyone who has modded theirs for this yet, but I found a project called Tridex, which is a Voron Trident + IDEX, and looks like the Ender 6 would be a good candidate to donate it's body and most of its parts to. I'm not able to get to my printer at home to measure the extrusions and everything so I know what to modify on the BOM for the Tridex. Actually I live in the US, so I'd have to order a metric tape measure also. Is there a BOM for the Ender 6 somewhere that I just can't find?

    Thanks for any helpful information on tracking the info down so I can place an order for the parts.

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